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An early examine prompt that the fold is inherited being an autosomal dominant trait.[21] A later analyze proposed an incomplete dominance.

The Scottish fold's ears are a product of a genetic trait that results in the ears to fold ahead once the kitten is 21–28 times outdated. This is because of a defect while in the production of cartilage; there's a likelihood that not every one of the kittens within a litter may have folded ears.

White as snow (that hasn’t been trampled on) is the color of the Scottish Fold coat. You will not discover an inch of other color on their own bodies, Except for their noses and paws, which are typically mild pink.

The Kittens Scottish Fold are chunky and intensely exceptional, spherical faces, massive eyes and adorable small noses and this is a great option for people…

Susie's only reproducing offspring was a woman Fold named Snooks who was also white; a next kitten was neutered Soon after delivery. A few months after Snooks' birth, Susie was killed by a car. All Scottish Fold cats share a common ancestry to Susie and Snooks, the origination stage assurance, a lineage top quality uncommon amongst pedigreed animals. The breed was not acknowledged for displaying in Fantastic Britain and Europe as it was felt that they would be very susceptible to ear issues like infection, mites, and deafness, but the Folds had been exported to The us as well as breed ongoing being proven employing crosses with British Shorthairs and American Shorthairs. Due to the fact Original problems ended up brought, the Fold breed has not experienced the mite and an infection difficulties, even though wax buildup within the ears might be greater than in other cats. Personality and recognition

This can be the only approach to verify that you will get yourself a kitten that will live a long and healthy lifetime. I realize that choosing a breeder is tough Which explains why we created our listing that will help you slender down your selections!

Extremely, Scottish Folds can can be found in almost any color and sample that yow will discover in the feline kingdom. Allow’s Examine the 19 most noteworthy kinds.

The kitten has to be Lively, moderately curious and outwardly satisfy all the requirements with the standard.

Wellbeing history on the parents and vaccinations. They need to have their to start with vaccinations by the time they're adopted.

Scottish folds are prized for their easygoing, affectionate personality. They appreciate their families, but won't be climbing all over you for snuggles when you wander with the doorway.

The breed's distinct folded ears are made by an incompletely dominant gene that has an effect on the cartilage of the ears, creating the ears to fold forward and downward, providing a orange scottish fold cat cap-like physical appearance to The top. More compact, tightly folded ears set in the cap-like trend are chosen to your free fold and bigger ear.

Not like dogs that might have a wide variety of ear styles and designs, almost all cats element comparable pointed, upright ears. The foremost exception to this rule would be the adorable Scottish Fold cat.

+ Substantial-energy cat will need many psychological and physical stimulation to remain joyful and wholesome, even though small-Power cats call for negligible physical action. It’s significant when choosing a cat to make certain their Strength concentrations match your lifestyle or vice versa.

Anticipate to spend a lot more than $550 per annum for cat food, litter, toys, periodic vet Examine-up, and components. From the regrettable situation that your cat would build a overall health challenge like diabetic issues or have to have surgical treatment, then this cost will be much increased.

Queens Scottish Fold
My name is Jenny, I am a nurse, and a long time cat lover. Working through the front lines of the pandemic made realize that I really valued a nonjudgmental companion after my hardest days. I was searching for a breed of cats that were easy going and cute. It wasn't long before I came across the Scottish Fold breed. I adopted two kittens to start, and they were the most docile and well-tempered cats that we’ve ever met. Initially, we did not plan to operate as professional Breeders. However, after falling in love with the breed and finding that everyone that met our cats did, too, we decided to do our part in preserving the Scottish Fold breed. I researched and read every single piece of literature that I could find about the breed. Pretty quickly, we decided that we wanted to dedicate the rest of our lives to these fluffy monsters. Queens Scottish Fold was born from the love of this special breed. In 2022, we decided to expand into breeding British Shorthairs as well. We are expecting kittens from our pilot golden program 2023.
Due to my medical background, I treat breeding as a both a science and an art. My top priorities are to breed healthy, well adjusted and sweet-tempered kittens above all else.

Osteochondrodysplasia is a disease that is unique to Scottish Folds. It was discovered that if a folded ear Scottish fold was bred to another folded ear, many of the offspring developed a severe crippling lameness early in life. Cats affected had shortened, malformed legs and tail as well as abnormalities affecting the growth plates and spine. Scottish folds should be bred ONLY folded ear to straight ear and are not to be bred by people who are not dedicated to the health and well-being of these animals. We scottish fold for sale genetically test all our breeding cats for the fold gene and never, ever breed fold to fold.

At Queens Scottish Fold, we take our responsibility to be an ethical breeder seriously and strive to ensure the well-being of all our cats. We are a ACA, and TICA (The International Cat Association) registered cattery and voluntarily abide by their code of ethics. All of our breeding cats are genetically tested, and negative for PKD. All our testing through UC Davis Veterinarian Genetics Laboratory/Optimal Selection. We provide a one year-genetic health guarantee on all of our kittens.

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